Results - The New Forest Rattler - Ride 2019

The results are for all events, you can filter (at the bottom of the page) for the event you want to see

If your time is marked as "PENDING" we are still in the process of recovering your time. What does this mean? I (Matt) have to watch the 8 hours of footage we recorded of everyone crossing the line and identify your number and allocate you your time. If you have your watch time - or know the approximate time you crossed the line I can more quickly jump to the location and check your official time.

If your distance is marked with a "?" then we think you may have dropped down to the shorter distance as the pace is unusally fast - if that is not the case and you are just a super cycler let us know!

If your time is longer than you expected, this is most likely due to the timing system not picking you up as you left and you have been defaulted to the official start time of 08:30.

Any queries, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you asap